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A Little Family History...

The Shaifer Family crest was designed in 1993 to capture the historical identity of this branch of the Shaifer family which is tied to John Shaifer and Henrietta Johnson pictured below.

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There had been some controversy around it's creation because there is already a Shaifer family crest which is affiliated with the European ancestry of old. This crest doesn't invalidate the much older one, but captures this present day branch of the culturally diverse family rooted in Port Gibson, Mississippi

<John Shaifer was a fence builder. Some said he was white and others said he was half-black and half-white. In addtion to the Shaifers, he had ties to the MacGruders and the Baldwins. All of these families are illustrated in the crest as our European connection.

John's siblings:

  • Bob



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>Henrietta Johnson's mother was Monica Johnson, it was said that she was an African. Henrietta's father whose name is unknown was said to be a Native American, probably Choctaw. The Choctaws were the indigenous people that populated the area that is today Port Gibson in Claibourne County Mississippi.

Henrietta siblings:

  • A sister name unknown

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All of these historical attributes have been capture in the family crest above.

The children of Henrietta Johnson and John Shaifer:

  • Rosa
  • Bessie
  • Robert
  • Louise "Aunt Lou"
  • Sadie
  • Johnny
  • Julia
  • William Shaifer
  • Beatrice Shaifer Lee (still alive and well at 104 years old)
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Significant Monuments

The A.K. Shaifer House on Shaifer Rd in Port Gibson, Mississippi is a historical monument because it was the site of an historical battle in the Civil War.

Our connection with this house in unclear.. was John the son of an A.K. Shaifer family member, was John's mother or father a slave there, or...? The questions are waiting to be answered.

To get a more information about this battle and more, go to the Civil War Traveler site. This picture can be found within that site >

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<Visit Mississippi's State Historical Markers Web site to view more information about the A.K. Shaifer house and the Battle of Port Gibson.


Learn more about our history in Port Gibson, Mississippi

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