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Entry for April 15, 2007
Share your photos, feelings, stories and experiences about Aunt Bea in her final days here on earth as a tribute to her life!
2007-04-16 01:29:37 GMT
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My last visit with Aunt Bea was in October of 2005. She was having a difficult time then but we manage a trip to the local nature reserve. It was a beautiful day. Everything was lush green but the sky that was crispy blue. I wheeled her down a dirt path until I came to a resting spot. For a while she just sat and enjoyed the quiet sounds of nature. The surrounding triggered her memories of Mississippi, she began to reminisce and to express her joy in being there then and at that place at that moment. She kept saying how much she loved nature!
--grand-daughter Will her brother
2007-04-16 03:53:34 GMT
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